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dating app malaysia

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Girija Boonen is an online marketer, entrepreneur and travel writer from Malaysia. She founded a popular dating app, Tinder, in 2006 and has been working to grow its user base ever since.

She is also a partner in a Kuala Lumpur-based digital marketing company, where she focuses on digital content, social media strategy and website marketing. She's a certified online marketer, as well as an online marketer/media specialist, which makes her an expert in both online marketer and media specialist. She's also a former journalist and former magazine editor, where she had a keen interest in online content and in creating engaging content for social media.

Girija was also a contributor to digital magazine "Komplement," where she contributed articles on topics such as internet marketing, ecommerce, ecommerce marketing, and digital media. She has written for international publications including Time Out, Yahoo! Malaysia, the Daily Star, Daily Mail, Daily Business Review, Forbes, CNET, The Age, Tech Times, Cnet Malaysia, Business Standard, the Straits Times, Yahoo! Malaysia and more. She was the guest blogger for Digital Malaysia in 2007. She also worked for Global Voices Malaysia as a reporter, and also writes for "Hakim" on Malaysia's leading blog. Girija also has a masters degree philippines singles com in Digital Communication from Taman Seng College, Taman Seng University. Girija's previous articles on online marketer and social media platform are available here. She has also written for "Takmuay" magazine, "Hakim" magazine, "The Sun" newspaper, "Malaysian Times" newspaper and "Yahoo! Malaysia" online publication, as well as various online publications such as the "Dzayel" magazine, "Aam" magazine, the "Muniran" magazine, "Bilim" magazine, "Singapore Daily Star" magazine, "Malay Mail Online" magazine, "Singapore Herald Online" magazine and "Indonesia Post" online newspaper, among others. Girija has also published two books on digital marketing and social media. She has written for the china love cupid login "Malaysian Times" and the "Singapore Times" and "Indonesian Post". She is currently the head of content for "Hakim" magazine. She is also a senior writer at "Global Voices Malaysia". She has won two awards in the online marketer category at the "Muniran" magazine. A lot of her work is online, which allows her to chindian woman interact with many people. In 2014, she participated in the Singapore Media Awards in Malaysia, which is a prestigious awards ceremony that showcases Singaporean online content and online businesses. She was also a member of the online jury for the "Singapore Awards" in 20

I recently had the opportunity to talk to her in person at the Global Voices Malaysia conference (see video below), and I was blown away by her.

How did you get into technology and what's your background? I began my career in computer science in 2009. Before that, I had worked for the National University of Singapore as a software engineer from 2006 to 2008. When I was studying in college, I was a programmer by trade, and I became interested in creating software with a high level of quality.

I started as a Java programmer, then switched to C#, and then JavaScript and jQuery. I worked on a wide variety of software projects and eventually moved to a job as a developer at a software development company in the United Kingdom. I have been working on various software projects for the last six years. My primary area of interest is web technology. I like to write and read a lot about programming and I find it very interesting to work with other people's code. I can be found on the web at the following www malyasia address: My profile picture was taken from this post I wrote about dating in Malaysia : I german cupid was born in Malaysia and have lived in Malaysia for the last 16 years. I got my BSc degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Malaya in 19

I was a software engineer in the electronics industry in Malaysia and then I joined an IT consultancy. When I was working as a consultant, my girlfriend (who was in her mid-20s) went to Malaysia. I had always wanted to travel to Malaysia and I was interested in learning more about the Malaysian culture and people. So, I decided to go to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. I flew to Kuala Lumpur on a flight from Singapore and stayed for 3 weeks in a hostel in a village called Bukit Ngar. I got online cupid a job at a computer company cuba cupid in Malaysia called Malaysia International Communications. I left the job, started studying for a Masters in Computer Engineering in Malaysia and decided to return to Malaysia. I was planning on going to the city of Penang (Kuala Lumpur) but the visa had not been issued for me to come to Malaysia.