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german cupid

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My girlfriend's name is german cupid. She is from germany and she looks just like a german girl. But she is chindian woman sooooooo cute and funny. She is soooo cute and funny, I don't care if she's from germany or Malaysia. She's soooo funny and she's soooo cute too. She has great hair and you can see that by looking at her eyes. She's soooo pretty, I think I will marry her. She was born in germany so she is really german. It's funny because I don't really know anything about her except that she is really germany but I love her so much.

What is the biggest mistake you've made while dating?

It's my mistake of being too naive. I would've thought that you would know what to do and who to talk to before you even started dating. If I hadn't had this naive view of women then I'd probably have dated more girls and probably have a happy relationship with all of them. I'd have had fun with every girl I've been with so that I could see more of her, to discover more about her, but I don't think I would've been a good lover for her.

What advice would you give to a new guy looking to get into relationships? I'd tell him that the only way to date a girl who's not in her 20s is to meet her in her 20s. There's nothing wrong with that if that's what you're into but in my experience most women in their 20s are not hot. They're either too immature or too old for you to be good with. What is your favorite dating pastime? Dating with girls from Malaysia. They're just so friendly and friendly-looking, and I don't think they realize they're being treated as second class by the guys they're hanging out with. You just get along with them and you're just as relaxed. They're usually really down to earth and kind of cute. I'm more into the older ones because I feel like you get to know a lot more about them. They've online cupid got a few really good personalities and I don't like guys who can't take an honest approach with girls. What is your favorite way to get girls to sleep with you? Walking into a bar and saying "Hey, I'm looking for girls tonight, go ahead and call me." I can never really explain it, it's just something I've been able to do for a long time, it really works. Do you ever get rejected from any girls on purpose? Yeah, sometimes. I've had a lot of them though. One of my favorite ways to get girls is just asking them, "Hey, I'm a pretty guy, do you want to hang out?" and just seeing if they say yes or no, and it's always fun when they do. It's like a game, and it's fun to see the reaction and stuff like that. What is your sexiest fantasy? I guess I like being able to be a good husband and have a healthy relationship, but I have a lot of fantasies about being a lot taller than I am now, and just getting in the best shape of my life. What is your dream wife? I really want to get married to a beautiful girl who is as smart and www malyasia as pretty as I am, who is always on the go, and she's not even married yet. You're about to turn 30, are you still a virgin?

Yeah, but it's kind of funny because I've always thought that I was a virgin because I never got sexually active until my twenties. I guess I've just never thought about it. But, yeah, I was actually just a virgin for a long time before I was able to get any kind of sexual activity going. How much do you pay for sex? I don't really know. I mean, it's kind of a weird thing to be talking about. If you were to cheat on your partner, do you think they would be able to keep it a secret? It depends on how hard you tried to be discreet. Do you think you would have the courage to say you were sleeping with other guys? Not really. I guess maybe I have a little more courage than I think. How about other partners? If you had sex with any of them, would you still like to be friends with them? I think it depends on the situation. I mean, if I slept with them and they were not that into me, I might be like, "I guess I'm just fine without them.