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So I guess the question is: "Why?" and I don't really have a good answer, except to say that there are some things about Malaysia that the average person doesn't see. The one thing I noticed that is different, and probably why it works so well is that in Malaysia there are very few men who think of themselves as "nice." The men who think that way are the ones who are "tough." These guys philippines singles com don't try to be nice. They are tough, and they fight. That's their way. It is very cuba cupid important that a man is tough, and not just because that's his way. If a man does not take care of himself, he will not be able to take care of the others around him. This, in turn, leaves a man without a stable relationship with his own mother. This also has the side effect of being very difficult for a man to be around.

The Malay culture is very strict on men who don't keep up with his mother. They have to do chores, go to school and to do those chores on time, in good order, and for a high quality. If they don't do those things, they will find themselves having to leave their mother in the street, or in a bar. That is how hard it is to live in Malaysia. Men are also taught to respect women and take them very seriously, and there are some situations that they just cannot accept. For example, if a mother tells her child to behave, or if a man comes back home and finds his wife and child not dressed well. Or if he china love cupid login sees a woman who is doing something wrong, or he just cannot understand why a woman would do something wrong. The same goes for men. I know that you don't want to be a man who doesn't respect women, but I am not going to judge you for not respect online cupid your women or the ways of your culture, or your way of living. When you look back at the times that you had to take care of your wife or your son, and you think how sad and difficult life must have been for those of you who had to put the same amount of work into both the home and the work. I have come across several examples of men who did not respect their wives or loved ones, and I have also heard many instances where women who didn't respect their husbands or loved ones, would not even go to the bar or the hospital for them. It is the women who deserve all the credit.