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Malaysia, also known as Malaysia, is a country located in the southeastern region of the Malaysian Peninsula. It is known as the "Land of the Two Worlds", because of the diversity of climates and landscapes. It is home to over a million inhabitants and is the second-most populous country in Asia, after Japan. With a population of over 8.9 million, Malaysia is the largest country in South East Asia.

The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is located on the southern coast of the peninsula, while other major cities include Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, Kota Bharu, and Klang Valley.

The national flag of Malaysia is based on the colours blue, white, and yellow, and contains a red star with a yellow disk with the word "Malaysia" on it. In its design, the star represents the sun, a symbol of the sun god, and the "Malaysia" of the word "Malay".

The word "Malaysia" is an acronym for "Malay Autonomous Region", and has existed since 1967. Malaysia is also known as the "Third Asia" for its proximity to India and the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Macau. The official currency of Malaysia is the Malay Ringgit, which is a national currency for the country. The government also issues a currency in the form of Malaysian Ringgit Note, also known as RMZR. The first two letters of the word "Malaysia" are pronounced with a long "r", "k", and "a". It is a common sight for Malaysians to write the word Malaysia with only "h" (which is silent), instead of the usual "y" sound. As a result, people often misspell the word. Although Malaysia is the largest and second largest economy in the world by economic size, its people are very proud of their country's independence. Malaysia also uses the term "Malaysia" to refer to the country to other countries, such as Singapore. The word is usually shortened to Malaysia when it is spoken, although it's still spoken in certain forms, such as in the song 'Kai Mereng Tuh Perak' sung by a Malaysian singer. A common sight is for people to give "h" for a Malaysia in order to get the proper "y" sound. In Malaysia, you will have a good chance of getting the correct "Malaysian" spelling.

1. What is Malaysia, anyway?

Malaysia, also known as Malaysia and the Malaysia Nationality (Malay), is a Muslim country located in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Australia. The name Malaysia is often used as a country name and is most commonly used by locals to refer to the whole country and its people. Many people call it the Malaysian "city". In Malaysia, it's usually a good idea to give the country a name that's in the same or similar range as your country. For example, the country name "Malaysia" is "Muara" which is also the name of a city in Malaysia.

Malaysia is also commonly used as a place name and some people, including Malays, call it the "Malay" or "Malay-Indonesian-Malaysian" country.

Malaysia is divided into three states: Kuala Lumpur (Makati), Selangor (Sulawesi) and Perak (Perak). This is a good idea if you have any sort of travel to Malaysia, whether it be an official tour or your own private tour. Most tour companies, including K2, also book out of Kuala Lumpur, so you might want to look into that. For people who just like to travel, this is good place to start, especially if your travel plans are to Malaysia alone. Most places you can find tours to will be in Kuala Lumpur.

Selangor is also the home of the nation of Malaysia. Selangor was once a British colony, but was then given to Malaysia in the 1950's. Malaysia is officially a state of Malaysia, but in practice, is an independent country. In the early 1960's, Malaysia was granted independence from British rule. At this time, there were already quite a few ethnic Chinese communities in Malaysia. While they were allowed to have their own government, they had to live under the jurisdiction of the British.

As the independence came, many ethnic Chinese left their homes to seek jobs and education in the British colony of Singapore. Soon the number of Chinese residing in Singapore had started to dwindle. This is when the Singaporeans were forced to give them up in order to accommodate the growing Chinese population. This was a drastic step, as the Chinese were considered a separate race, with their own language and culture. Some people would say that the Chinese people were so isolated that they were willing to accept their fate, and others would say they were the ones who were the real victims.